Round 2! Okay folks I’m slinging drinks and @thelocus is on the decks!! I’m bringing the titties I am hoping @picklepirate7 is wearing those nice short little shorts for me. @haras_ made the beer board with alcohol strength ( good to know) all pretty for your ordering pleasures. Come try an award winning beer from our very own!! Enjoy yourself Reno. Meet somebody new tonight. Reach out and say hello. So amazing people all around!! #Reno #stjamesinfirmary #besafe

I’m so excited about tonight!! Im preparing some local love @moondogmatinee I hope you can make their show next Friday at cargo. #renocitylimits recorded show. Our local band needs your support!! #sweetheroine I’m starting the tunes at 9 tonight at the infirmary. Really looking forward to starting this new monthly dj indie rock/dance night.

Tonight you guys!! I’m starting a monthly indie rock and dance party! Grab your friends and be ready to go around 9 pm. It’s Friday!!!! Please help me get this event off to a great start #Reno. I’m counting on you. 💋 21+ NO cover!! #stjamesinfirmary

Whitney Myer “Locura” Official Music Video

She fills my soul!


Music and probiotics go together!!!! Music stimulates our brains while probiotics take care of our immune systems. Elevation!! 🎶❤️🎶❤️

Saving up for two of these beauties.  My goal with music is to fuse my love of the old with my love of the new.  I’ve got this feeling inside, a feeling to express and share.  It won’t be much longer.  I can taste it!

I hope you all have a great night.  I’m about to hit the webs and hopefully get that much closer to my savings goal!


Mix Tutorial 4 (timing)

I love this tutorials. I’ve been waiting for him to post this. So thankful! Thank you @djTLM

I really appreciate all of your knowledge =)





People will say, “There are a million ways to shoot a scene”, but I don’t think so. I think there’re two, maybe. And the other one is wrong.”

David Fincher is perhaps the greatest living director - and I’m well aware of who I’m comparing him to by saying that. This video shows you why.

I have been on tumblr since 1989 and this is the boldest statement ever published on this site.

"And he’ll show us the inside of someone’s fridge."

"I think people are perverts." - David Fincher

Inspiring take on this Movie Director.  I enjoy his movies.  I agree with him.  I think people are perverts too.  And I’m cool with this.   I would love to score music for movies someday.  


For Neil deGrasse Tyson's birthday, his witty and wise advice on the art of the soundbite 


Did you guys see this? I had no idea what I was going to be watching. But David shared this on boho, and I’m always so curious when people share the music they like or they make. David use to live in Reno and perform at St. James Infirmary. He lives in LA now, and from what I can see, it’s treating him very well. Loved seeing Whitney Myer in the video too. She has relocated to LA. They are both doing amazing things.

Cheers to music


Building my set for next Saturday you guys. I’m so excited to get back on the decks! No vinyl yet. But I’m getting so close!! Have a great Sunday. Enjoy this beautiful sunshine Reno. It’s amazing outside. 💋

Hey! We are headed down to stir up some Saturday night shenanigans See you at the infirmary 🍺🍷😈

Wonky remix I did for a competition. Short and sweet, but fun. Enjoy!

**Produced solely for non-commercial uses** You got a big booty! Sexy beats. Warming up before I head in to sling tonight. Have any of you heard of Subdocta. A local dj here worth checking out. He get’s into his music. I enjoy watching him dj.

Last night was awesome!! She is a machine!! Check out for heavy sexy deep vocals. #machine #livemusic

Hi hi hi. I’m pulling out from Internet world and locking into reality!!! I’m so fucking stoked!!! Oregon is in the house and @thelocus and @peterwoolfbarnato are gonna dj afterwards!! I’ve got a chubby. Sorry not sorry. Get your ass out of the house tonight! It’s Friday. Be human. Be social. You know you want too. 😈😝

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