The LOVE is so strong!! Damn what a great story!!! Safe travels to our new friends headed to and returning to the playa.

#Reno! It’s #lastwednesday come on out and grab a friend. It’s time to wiggle and enjoy the night. #stjamesinfirmary we are here all night long. 💋💋💋

just thought you should know ;)

I would really love to rock these parties with you.



High Five #reno #burningman #community. Way to get down on it. Just so you know Tycho was added to the show tonight. I posted info in a previous post here. Get on it. I will see you there. 💋💋💋

Are there any stranded burners in Reno looking for fun tonight? Get connected with rides etc. there is a free show at #LEX tonight. More info at

The Great Decompressurization Chamber schedule has been announced! I’m so freaking excited!  Come one come all and join me Monday as we dig in and get the party started!

Georgette Crush:  Monday 3-4pm  The Beach!


Hey you guys! I’m going to dj tonight at #stjamesinfirmary. I’ve got all kinds of fun and warm and fuzzies to tickle you with delight. If you are out tonight please tell a friend and bring them all along. Together we all make the night the best ever. I play 10pm-4am 👊

What goes in must come out! 🍺🍷🍸🍻. Proceed accordingly. I’m slinging until the early morning. Stop in at #stjamesinfirmary if you like. No cover. #craftbeer #awesomelocals #awesomestaff

Hey you burners? Looking for a quick green meal in your way through Reno? Check out #laughingplanet #reno. I’m bartending tonight at 10 pm at #stjamesinfirmary. I’ll be there all night. Come down for a drank. We pour local craft beer. Also I’m looking to find a ride for 1 with one suitcase and 1 rolling suitcase to #burningman on Monday. Lots of love to you all. 💋

1 week from tonight, I’m hosting our #lastwednesday of the month!  If you are in town, or passing through.  Stop in.

St. James Infirmary

445 California Ave

Reno, NV 89501


No Cover


Great vibe and energy all night long.  It’s my favorite night of the month.  Super friendly atmosphere, and we pour amazing craft and local craft beer.

hope to see you there




We Won an Emmy Award!

Remember last month when VICE on HBO received three Emmy nominations, and we were like, “Is it too early for a lifetime achievement award?” Well, guess what? We did it! We won an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special.

Congrats to Shane Smith, Bill Maher, Eddy Moretti, BJ Levin, Fareed Zakaria, and the incredible correspondents and crew on their achievements. We can’t wait to watch seasons three and four!

Shone and I were catching up on our weekly news last night, and we both miss Vice!  We cannot wait for more episodes.  Some of the best presented information ever.  Life is real, it’s scary, it’s tough, and it’s so beautiful!  Keep building a beautiful life, but don’t forget to see the bigger picture, and the bigger world happening around you.  We all rely on each other.  We all need each other.


She scares me because I believe in the strength of her passion. Beside her I worry that I’m fraudulent; that I’ve even conned myself into believing in my depth. Still I charge head-first through fear, because not trying is tragic, and I’m addicted to her influence.

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As she is to his just the same!

cheers to love

love madly


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In praise of slowness and reflection – wonderful read from 1910, all the more urgently relevant today

so key!!!!!

Come freak with me reno

Too obvious?? Yeah. I’m heading down to sling a few drinks tonight. It’s been a rough ride lately. Let’s all come together and smile and enjoy each other. 🍷🍺 #reno #stjamesinfirmary #imbartendingtonight

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